WizPc Total Outsourcing 

WizPc IT outsourcing is a subcontracting responsibility for all or part of an IT function to us a service provider that manages the work. Businesses use WizPc IT outsourcing for functions ranging from infrastructure to software development, maintenance and support.
WizPc Offers comprehensive IT support to small and growing businesses of all industries. 
We understand that every business has different needs when it comes to information technology, so we work with you to design and implement a network that lets you run your business better. 

We strive to make your computer systems reliable, efficient, stress-free, and enjoyable to use. 

With a variety of support options and a knowledgeable and personable staff of experienced professionals.

Assurance Plans - Unlimited IT Support

    Technology should enable you and your business to operate more efficiently and to ultimately become more profitable.  If that’s not the case, then a
    Assurance Plan may be right for you.

    An innovative and flexible solution, WizPc Technologies’ WizPc Assurance Plans will keep your technology running smoothly, reduce downtime and minimize data loss due to technical failures.  Our proactive services provide an organized and planned approach to managing the “central nervous system” of your company.

    Peace of Mind – WizPc Technologies takes on the responsibility of making sure your network is running at peak efficiency.  With 24/7 network monitoring, you can rest easy knowing that when a problem arises, we will know about it and can begin working on it immediately.  Gain peace of mind and concentrate on what’s most important – running and growing your business.
      Increased Efficiency – Strategic Planning & Consulting, one component of the WizPc Assurance Plans, provides expert-level consulting on a monthly basis and will help add efficiencies to your network and identify opportunities to create competitive advantages for your business.

      Proactive Services – With a WizPc Assurance Plan, WizPc Technologies can easily identify and address issues before they cause problems.  We accomplish this by monitoring and maintaining internet and network security on a regular basis to protect your business and prolong the life of your systems.  

      Cost Savings – WizPc Assurance Plans are much more cost effective than hiring, training and retaining full time employees.  WizPc Technologies has a team of highly skilled, highly experienced consultants ready to spring into action should an issue arise.

      Unlimited Support – With unlimited support, you won’t have to worry about how much support time you’ve already used.  Your costs will be predictable and you can easily set and stick to your budget.